Reupholstered // Dux Folke Ohlsson Sofa

A couple weeks ago I bought an amazing sofa from a local picker.  It was designed by Folke Ohlsson for Dux.  While it was easy to see its potential it needed lots of work.  The upholstery had several rips and it smelled very musty.

 It took about 11 hours to get the sofa stripped all the way down.  Here it is pictured with the seat under construction.

 Here is the final product.  It came out looking beautiful.  It is now for sale at Hawthorne Vintage.


  1. I love the look of these, but I've always been curious about the comfort level? Looks like maybe a good option for those with a 'formal' living room + a separate family room area with a different comfy sofa for everyday TV watching/ lounging?

  2. WOW that is gorgeous! Someday when I have a bigger living room and can get a longer sofa, that is exactly the kind I want. Nice having the padded arms, too--our mid century love seat has wood arms, which looks great, but they just aren't good for cuddling up in the corner. Amazing job with the upholstery!

  3. OMG!!! That couch is amazing!!!! Fantastic job. I love it!!!