Mid Century Mondays // 43

This was the weekend of the Portland Antiques & Collectibles Expo.  It is a huge antique show that has over 1000 dealer spaces and happens in Portland 3 times a year.  On the first morning of the the show there is a spontaneous flea market which happens while all of the dealers and shoppers are waiting for the event to begin.  Dealers open up the back of their vehicles in the parking lot and sell pieces at very reasonable prices. I had a great time shopping it and filled up my truck!

I quickly refinished the slat bench coffee table.  SOLD.

 Within minutes of posting a picture of this chair on Instagram (@remnantpdx) I had several dealers from all over the U.S. asking if it was "The Chair" by Hans Wegner and wanting to buy it.  Unfortunately it is a very close replica by the Empire State Chair Co.  I still have it and will be refinishing it soon.

 Mid Century lounge chair also to be reupholstered.

 On Sunday I returned to Expo for some last minute deals.  I didn't find any pieces that I could flip but I did find a few pieces for our own personal collection.  I have been on the search for a Cathrineholm Saturn bowl but I have never seen one in person.  This is a very welcome addition to our collection.

 The one piece that I bought away from Expo this weekend this tragically reupholstered Milo Baughman recliner.  We will take joy in restoring it to its original glory and rescuing it from its jungle nightmare.

The upholstery project we completed was this Adrian Pearsall 916-CC Captain's chair.  It is now for sale at Hawthorne Vitntage for $795.
What did you find this week?
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  1. Love the CH saturn and that poor Milo. Can't wait to see you work your reupholstered magic on it.

  2. Love seeing your finds. The coffee table is wonderful.

  3. You find the best furniture. Thanks for hosting today.

  4. Hahaha, that tiger chair made me laugh! I can''t wait to see how it turns out.

  5. In its current state, that chair is tragic, indeed! Work your magic quickly. ;-)