More In Store

We have put an extraordinary amount of furniture into the shop since our last post.  We also acquire many new projects.  In the interest of time this post just covers our latest offerings.  

We were very surprised to find this rare rosewood secretary by Borge Mogensen for Soborg Mobler.  It is a beautiful, functional, and hard to find piece of Danish design.  We were able to restore it to excellent condition.  It even has the original key!

Refinished and reupholstered Danish teak dining set.  The table sold in just a couple days.

Danish teak credenza by Jydsk Mobelindustri.  Sold before it even left our studio.

Danish teak tambour door credenza by Poul Hundevad.

This Danish teak hutch is also by Poul Hundevad and is the same width as the tambour credenza (pictured above).  Although they are a matching pair I found them separately. 

 Our final upholstery project for the week was this modern sofa by Del Teet.

Road Trip

This weekend I went out on a buying trip and came home with a few goodies.  We also finished a nice chair set during the week.

One of our finds was this teak frame by Hans Olsen.  The huge teak rounded armrests are a wonderful design element.  This sofa has lived a hard life but we will do what we can to repair it.

Secondly, we found this amazing Danish teak and oak coffee table.  It has a very unique design but we have not been able to identify the designer.  We refinished it quickly and it is now for sale.

Thirdly, we found this nice set of oak frame cube chairs.  These chairs are often attributed to Milo Baughman.  I am not convinced that this is correct but they are well designed and extremely comfortable.  We will upholster them in something a little less plain.

And finally we upholstered this pair of lounge chair with matching ottoman.  Pairs of matching mcm chairs are getting harder and harder to find as time goes on.  These would be a nice addition to any modern living room.

I spend so much time looking for furniture that I often overlook housewares.  These two pieces caught my eye, a teak cutting board / serving tray by Dansk and a teak lazy susan by Goodwood.

Odds & Ends

This week Heather and baby went out of town to visit family.  This left me to roam the state of Oregon and find a few things.  Here is what I tracked down: 
 Mid century rocker / recliner by Milo Baughman for James Inc. // Sold.

Mid century expanding bench.  This piece is often attributed to John Stuart.  I am not sure if this is correct but either way it is an attractive and functional piece of furniture.

 (Left) "Birds Over the Sun" sculpture attributed to Willem Degroot.
(Right) Metropolitan cityscape painting.

Lastly, I found this retro 1950s kitchen cabinet.  Usually we steer away from pieces like this but we had a little extra space and it seems like a storage piece for someone.

Super Post!

Lately life has been a whirlwind.  Between caring for our new daughter and visits from friends three weeks have passed without a post.  Here are a few highlights of our latest offerings.

The highest of highlights is this womb chair designed by Eero Saarinen for Knoll.  It is in excellent original condition.  

Womb expert Ellie Joy can vouch for the extreme comfort of this womb chair.

Another exciting find was this rare solid teak side table by Grete Jalk.  This is one of my favorite restorations that we have done. 

Executive Mr. Chair by George Mulhauser for Plycraft.  We refinished and reupholstered it.  It is a great match for the Stow Davis desk seen in the background.

Swedish rocking chair by Johanson Design.  Refinished and upholstered in Pendleton wool.

Swedish oak & teak lounge chair by Folke Ohlsson for Dux.

American mid century lounge chair with Pendleton wool cushions.

Teak dining set: Danish table and set of 4 chairs by Benny Linden. // Sold

Modern loveseat by Del Teet.  The original upholstery was shredded by a cat.  I am glad that we were able to restore it to its original glory.

Blog Post: Walnut Edition

It has been quite a week.  We just finished a first sofa since the birth of our daughter 7 weeks ago.  
This sofa has beautiful walnut accents that enclose the teal fabric we chose.

Many sofas that we have upholstered have had walnut armrests but this sofa has a continuous walnut panel that cover both the armrests and backrest.

This walnut Dixie bedroom set was in pretty rough shape when I got it but I was able to repair the majority of the flaws // Sold

Lastly we upholstered this pair of walnut armchairs in a soft Pendleton fabric

6 for 6

Since our last post we finish 6 projects!  Many of them from last week's huge chair haul.

We have upholstered many different chairs in Pendleton wool but never a Carter Bros. scoop chair.  I have be wanting to upholster one for quite some time.  I like how the neutral wood frame gives the cushion a visual floating effect.  The fabric that we used is a limited print that is only available in Portland.

Highback Danish lounge chair newly upholstered in a light yellow fabric that contrasts nicely with the teak wood frame.

Oak frame Baumritter lounge chair with Pendleton cushions // Sold

Beech frame lounge chair with Pendleton cushions // Sold

Danish Oak rocking chair by Illum Wikkelso with a fresh coat of paint.

Lastly, an Adrian Pearsall style bench also upholstered in Pendleton wool // Sold

Chair Haul

This week I hit quite a score.  20 chairs in one day!  Some of the chairs have already made their way into Hawthorne Vintage.  We are working quite diligently on the rest.  We are looking forward to restoring all of these wonderful chairs.

Here is a closer look at a few of the pieces.
This set of 4 Eames shell chairs are an early example of this iconic design.  They have the steel X base with cup feet rather than a zinc base with plastic feet.  Sadly someone drilled drain holes in each of the seats but they would still make a great patio set for someone.

Erik Buch's barstool design may be the most iconic modern barstool of all.  This fine example also hase rosewood footrests.

We got right to work on this Jens Risom armchair.  Many of his designs were produced with a dark wood and light fabric contrast.  That was the reason we decided to upholster this chair in a brilliant yellow fabric // Sold

 We are always on the hunt for wood frame lounge chairs.  It had been a while since we have had any.
// Sold

 It is rare to find modern design furniture from Japan.  These two Japanese lounge chairs are very comfortable.  Refinishing the frames will be challenging but rewarding work.

 This Eames armshell chair has hard to find reclining caster base.  The shell is damaged beyond repair but I will save the base and wait to find a nice shell for it.

 We were thrilled to find yet another modern task chair.  This one is by George Mulhauser for Plycraft

 Rocking chairs are our favorite chairs.  Yes, this Illum Wikkelso rocking chair was produced with black paint.  It will be available once we get a fresh coat of black paint on it.

 Lastly, This pair of armchairs is by Hayes furniture but is very similar to a Swedish design by Dux.

Bundle Of Joy

Our blog has been on a 3 week hiatus because we have been very busy with the birth or our daughter Ellie Joy Davidson.  She was born on 7/22 at 3:39pm 6 pounds 9 ounces.  She was born healthy and we are enjoying the experience of being first time parents.

 Although our pace has slowed a little with Heather taking some time off of doing upholstery I have continued to do as much woodworking as I can squeeze in.

Here is a before & after picture of a credenza from our last post // Sold

Newly refinished G Plan credenza.  Sold in just a few hours.

Newly refinished custom built walnut credenza.

Last but not least we also found a Hans Wegner "Papa Bear" ottoman in excellent original condition. It is now up for bid on eBay.