Many Moons

It's been many moons (3 weeks) since our last post.  Don't worry we weren't abducted by aliens, just busy with holidays and parenting.  Even so, we did manage to turn out a few projects.  Here is a chronology of our favorite pieces from the last three weeks

Walnut china hutch bt Kipp Stewart for Drexel.

We found a pair of oak lounge chairs.  We custom upholstered one with an ottoman for a customer in L.A.  We then put the second one up for sale.  It sold immediately.

Rare Eames Zenith 2nd generation (1955-1957) elephant gray arm shell chair.  I found the caster base this summer and have been saving it until I found a nice shell for it.  They make a great pair.

Pair of American mid lounge chairs.  They also sold quickly after we finished upholstering then.

Danish teak & leather fold down desk // Sold

American mid century stool by John Stuart.

Norwegian kneeling chair in Pendleton wool by Peter Opsvig for Balans & Danish teak desk by Bent Silberg.

 Danish teak folding desk.

 Lastly we found some wonderful local Pacific Northwest Art.

Mostly Danish

This week we finished three Danish project pieces and got started on a pair of American lounge chairs.

A few weeks ago I drove 750 miles round trip to pick up this Danish sofa by Bramin.  Our vision for this sofa came together when we found a perfect fabric for it.  It is now for sale at The Good Mod in Portland OR.

Here is a picture of the sofa in the condition we found it in.

I was very lucky to have found this Danish teak desk by Peter Niels Lovig.  It has a sliding top that reveals hidden storage compartments.  I refinished the top and it looks good as new.

We also found this small credenza by Gunni Omann.  I refinished the top and replaced the plinth base with teak tapered legs. 

 Lastly, we found this pair of American lounge chairs.  We stripped the first chair and we will begin upholstering them soon.

Little By Little

In the 12 days since our last post we have take a more relaxed approach and knocked out just a few small projects.  Due to our over abundance of inventory we are waiting for a few things to sell before ramping back up to full capacity.

We recently found this late 1960s swivel rocker.  It has a nice high back and sculpted walnut arms and yes, it is as comfortable as it looks.

I found this Danish teak side table during the summer but didn't get around to refinishing it until just now.  It is a neat piece with storage both in the front and in the back

We took this Danish teak hutch top b Gunni Omann and added hairpin legs to make it useful as a bookcase.  It sold in just a couple hours of putting it in the shop.

Lastly, we made this Pendleton wool ottoman with vintage legs.  It sold quickly and we are now making a custom one for another customer.

Portland Flea & Finds

This weekend we returned to our roots and vended at the Portland Flea.  6 Years ago we were venders at the very first Portland Flea.  We continued to vend there each month for over 3 years.  We had a wonderful day and sold several pieces.

The next day we made an amazing find.  20 Eames desk stacking chairs!

Our one big upholstery project this week is the gondola sofa that was featured in our last post.  It is now for sale at The Good Mod

This Danish teak draw leaf dining table is a nice match for our set of 6 teak dining chairs.

 Lastly, we found this neat piece of art.  It is signed & dated "Robertson '70".  I have not yet been able to identify the artist.

Online Presence

This month we are focusing a bit more on our online presence and online sales.  We just added several items on our eBay page.  Click this link for more info: eBay

We also did a little manual labor this week too.  We upholstered two of the chairs that I found on my road trip last week.

Our first project was a Dux style lounge chair that we upholstered in a nice autumnal orange fabric.  Just in time for fall // Sold

We also upholstered this rocking chair in an aqua blue Pendleton wool // Sold

But that's not all! We upholstered a vintage sofa by B.P. John.

 Last but not least we found a gondola sofa.  Hopefully we will have it upholstered by the end of the week.

Road Trip!!!

Winter is quickly approaching here in the Pacific Northwest.  The change in weather prompted me to take one last road trip before the everything turns cold and wet.  I was out for 2 days and drove 880 miles.  I didn't fill the van entirely but came pretty close.  Although it would have been nice to find a little more I am very happy with the quality of what I did find.

The piece of furniture that inspired this road trip was this Danish sofa by Bramin.  It has an incredible afromosia base.   Years ago someone upholstered it in this hideous fabric.  I can't wait to restore it to its original glory.

Secondly, I found a pair of Paoli chairs.  The first is a rocking chair.  This is one of our favorite American rocking chair designs.  We have a pair of them in our own living room // Sold

This second chair has the same seat at the rocking chair but just with a fixed base rather than a rocking base.

This Dux style lounge chair is another design that we are always on the hunt for.  We have already begun reupholstering it in brand new orange fabric.

Lastly, I found this large autumnal oil painting by Lee Reynolds.

After the road trip we managed to squeeze in one upholstery project.  A rare 1973 chrome recliner by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin.  

Full Steam Ahead

Once again kept moving at full capacity and knocked out several new projects.  Here is what we put into the shop over the last week.

 We are always on the hunt for a nice wall unit.  We were fortunate to have found this one.  It was a challenge to hang it by myself but I have put up a few of them and learned a few tricks along the way // Sold

Our biggest challenge of the week was this Arthur Umanoff tandem sofa.  It needed extensive repairs & refinishing but we were very pleased with the final result.

 Pair of walnut frame slipper chairs by Folke Ohlsson for Dux, refinished and reupholstered // Sold

We refinished and reupholstered this set of Norwegian dining chairs by Sorheim Bruk.  These chairs have a truly unique design and required a difficult upholstery technique.

 Lastly, we found a nice round teak dining table to pair with our chairs // Sold

All Danish, All Teak

This week we completed 3 projects.  All of them were Danish and all of them were made of teak.  

Our biggest project was this Danish teak frame sofa designed by Hans Olsen.  We upholstered it in a durable waterproof stain resistant steel gray fabric // Sold

We completely refinished this Danish teak draw leaf dining table.  It sold right after we put it in the store.

Lastly, we refinished & reupholstered this Danish teak rocking chair by Hans Wegner for Tarm Stole.