Before & After

Last weekend I found this wonderful 8' long mid century sofa.  I quickly stripped the old fabric off of it.  Here is a picture of the well constructed frame.

We found a nice charcoal gray fabric to upholster it in.  We think it was a great choice.  

I recently found a set of 20 Thonet dining chairs.  We got right to work on them and have already sold two sets of 4.

We stained and upholstered the first set of chairs to match this teak and formica dining table that we had.  It was a big hit and sold quickly.

Lastly, a few items sold this weekend and it opened up space for us to bring in a Stow Davis executive desk and stage it with our matching credenza. 

Spring Has Sprung

We had a hard winter here in the Pacific Northwest.  Spring has finally come and furniture has been coming out along with the sun and flowers.  We have picked up quite a lot in the last 10 days.  Here are some highlights.

 Dux walnut dining table with a set of teak dining chairs by Benny Linden // Sold

 Teak and brass coffee table by Folke Ohlsson for Dux // Sold

 Newly reupholstered sofa by B.P John.

 American mid century bedroom set.

 Mid century rocking chair with new cushions & Teddy Bear

 A few months ago we found a pair of lounge chairs by Milo Baughman.  The lowback chair sold on its own.  Recently we found a second lowback chair and we were able to make a second matching pair.

 We love this beautiful leather top credenza by Stow Davis.  It was a pleasure to restore it.  We have a matching executive desk that will be available soon.

 Lastly, here is a sneak peek at our upcoming projects.  This 8' long sofa has clean modern lines.  This sofa has a lot of potential to be a real eye catcher.

20 Thonet bentwood dining chairs!  Each one of these chairs is a needs quite a bit of work but I am sure it will be worth it.  It can be hard to find just a set of 8 matching vintage dining chairs so I jumped at the chance to buy 20.

It's Been Too Long

It has been a few weeks since our last post but have no fear, we've been keeping busy. Sevaral of the pieces we have finished have already sold.

Mid century American lounge chair.  Refinished and reupholstered in pacific teal Pendleton wool.

Modern wall unit by Tacoma Chair Co. // Sold

Mid century recliner by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin.

Pair of Dux style lounge chairs // Both are sold

Danish teak cabinet with locking drawers.

Tea For Two

This week we completed two projects and found two more.

Our first project was a Swedish Tuxedo sofa.  It was covered in floral fabric when we found it.  It was great to modernize it.  It's super comfy too!

When we found this Dux style lounge chair we envisioned it in orange fabric.  We were fortunate to find the exact fabric that we envisioned.

The first project we found this week was this Milo Baughman recliner.  We have reupholstered several of these chairs so we are confident in our ability to restore this chair.

The second project we found is another Dux style lounge chair.  It is now available for custom upholstery.

Furniture Landslide

We have have a landslide of new offerings and project pieces.  Here are the details:

I found these chairs and table separately and they came from different countries but they look quite nice together.  The dining table is Swedish and made of walnut wood by Dux.  The dining chairs are Danish and made of teak by J.L. Moller.

Here is the set of dining chairs as I found them.  It was a lot of work to restore them but it was worth the work.

 This credenza is a matching piece to the dining table (pictured above).  It is also made of walnut and produced by Dux.

American oak lounge chair with new upholstery // Sold

 Swedish slipper chair by J.O. Carlsson "as found".  It has since been refinished, upholstered & sold.

 Brass & enamel butterfly sculpture by Curtis Jere' // Sold

 Dux style lounge chair.  Soon to be reupholstered.

These 3 Chairs

 This week we had 3 fun projects to work on.  They are now all available at Hawthorne Vintage Modern. 
The first was an Eames style lounge chair and ottoman.  The wood and upholstery need a lot of work but the base for each piece was nice and stable.  The refinishing process went very well and we chose to upholster it in a popular Pendleton wool pattern.

 Secondly, I was very lucky to have found this rare Danish chair.  It was designed by Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen for France & Daverkosen.  One of the nice design elements it has is teak armrests inset in the oak frame.

Her is a picture of the frame as I found it.

Lastly, we upholstered this American lounge chair and ottoman.  I had to wait in an ice storm for two hours to get this chair but it was worth the wait // Sold

2 Weeks in Review

After taking a two week break from the blog here is recap of our latest offerings.

 After: American mid century sofa newly upholstered in Pendleton wool.

Before: Here is a picture of the above sofa before we reupholstered it.  We thought that the plaid was ugly but Teddy the corgi loved it.

Reclining lounge chair by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates // Sold

Mid century American lounge chair reupholstered in blush pink fabric.

Lastly we found this Danish solid teak vanity by Kibaek Mobelfabrik.

Snowpocalypse 2017

Portland has been buried in snow all week.  As a result we were confined to our home for several days.  Fortunately we had a few projects on hand to work on.

Here is a picture of our backyard after the first 7'' of snow.

We were fortunate to have found this neat Norwegian sofa & chair.  Here they are refinished and reupholstered.

 Lastly, we also upholstered this 100'' long vintage sofa.

Happy 2017

2016 was a wonderful year for us and we are looking forward to what 2017 holds.  We are off to a quick start with several new offerings.  Here are a few of the projects we have completed since our last post.

 Pair of newly upholstered lounge chairs by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin.

Dux style lounge chair.

Dux boomerang sofa by Folke Ohlsson // Sold

Eames style lounge chair and ottoman in black vinyl // Sold

Now Available...

Here are a few of our latest offerings: 

We just finished upholstering this gondola lounge chair and ottoman.  It was a pleasure to modernize this set.  It also now nicely matches the gondola sofa that we have for sale.



Walnut & brass tambour door credenza by DWR.  When I found this piece one of the tambour doors were broken.  As a result I had to shorten the doors but it still makes a wonderful storage piece.

Lastly, we put a few pieces from our personal collection up for sale just in time for the Christmas shopping season.