4 New Things

The last few days have been full of finding new inventory and fixing it up.  Here are our 4 new offerings for this week.

 2 piece American hutch from the Brasilia line by Broyhill.    This line is always in demand and we try to find as many of these pieces as we can.

 Eames style lounge chair and ottoman in Pendleton wool.  It has been a while since we have upholstered one of these. The wood shells and reclining mechanism was in such good condition made this one impossible to pass up.

 American mid century bench with new upholstery.  This bench is often attributed to John Stuart.

Contemporary Danish teak credenza.

2015 // A Year in Review

Each year we enjoy looking back through our photo album and reminiscing about our favorite pieces from the previous year.  The most outstanding thing about 2015 was furnishing the home we bought at the end of 2014.  We have enjoyed keeping the best stuff for ourselves and creating a peaceful and inspiring living space.

Another success in 2015 was our promotion via Instagram.  In 2015 we surpassed 4000 followers. Many of the pieces were sold immediately upon posting! Here are the 9 most "liked" posts of 2015.

Lastly, here are a few of our favorite pieces from 2015.
In February we were able to but all of these pieces from one estate.  It was wonderful to find so many designer pieces in one place.  It was fun to restore them to their former glory.

 This Adrian Pearsall sectional may have been the rarest piece that we found last year.  It was sold before we even finished upholstering it.

 Our greatest upholstery challenge of the year was this early 1960 womb chair.  We liked it so much that we kept it.

 These Kai Kristiansen dining chairs looked stunning in Maharam fabric.  We also loved this huge wall unit.

 We were lucky enough to find a few of these Dux lounge chairs last year.

 The craftsmanship of this lane clover leaf coffee table is stunning.  We have never seen another example of this piece

Out of all of the  chairs that we have bought and sold we think that this Paoli rocking chair is the most comfortable of them all.  We now have two of them in our home but we were glad to offer this one up.  Also the String System wall unit in the background was another incredible find.

2016 is off to an amazing start.  We are excited about sharing all of the pieces that we will find and lovingly restore over the coming year.

3 New Things

This week we added 3 new pieces to our space at Hawthorne Vintage.

Lately we have been loving Norwegian design.  We were pleased to find this Norwegian teak bench by Torbjorn Afdal for Bruksbo.  It pairs nicely with the Norwegian sofa we just reupholstered.

Our big project this week was this Danish teak frame loveseat.

Lastly, our favorite find of the week was this teak vanity by G Plan.

Viva Norway!

This week we focused primarily on completing just one upholstery project.  A Norwegian sofa!  We also went on a couple buying trips and picked up a bunch more loot.
1950s Norwegian sofa are very unique and difficult to find.  We were very lucky to have found this one.  We spared no expense in the restoration and upholstered it in Maharm fabric and used latex seat cushions.

It's been a long time since we have had any large scale case goods.  We picked up two pieces this week, a Broyhill Sculptra hutch and secretary desk by Hooker Furniture.

Happy New Year

We wrapped up 2015 and began 2016 by finishing two projects and starting a new project.
The first project was this Paoli rocking chair.  We love these chairs so much that we have a pair of them in our living room!
Before: When I found this chair it looked great from 10 feet away but upon closer inspection it needed major repairs that could only be done after the upholstery was removed.

After: We did all the needed repairs and upholstered it in Pendleton wool, just like the pair in our home.  We also made an ottoman for it.

Secondly, we made cushions for this FD-146 oak & teak lounge chair by Peter Hvidt & Orla Molgaard for France & Daverkosen.

Lastly, we just began reupholstering this rare Norwegian sofa.  The upholstery looks nice in this picture but all of the foam was dehydrated and needed to be replaced.  It should be done in just a few days.

Back from Break

Just before leaving for our Christmas vacation we packed Hawthorne Vintage with some amazing new pieces.  We also have many new pieces coming soon as well.  Here are our latest offerings.
 (Center) Danish oak cocktail table
String System wall unit by Nils Strinning

Mid century sofa by B.P. John.

Amazing 1940 wall map of Oregon

Wingback lounge chair by Folke Ohlsson for Dux (sold)

Lots More Stuff

We took some time off to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday but we quickly got back to work finishing projects and finding some new ones.
 Barrel chair by Lawrence Peabody for Nemschoff Chair Co.  Reupholstered and refinished.
 Before and after: American mid century sofa.  We decided to have some fun with it and update the funky upholstery.

 Set of 4 teak dining chairs by Benny Linden.  They sold in just a few hours.

 Pair of Danish teak lounge chairs by Grete Jalk for France & Son.

 Swedish teak recliner by Folke Ohlsson for Dux.  It is currently being reupholstered and should be available in a day or two.

Rare Swedish wingback lounge chair by Folke Ohlsson for Dux.  

 Danish teak modular loveseat.

 American mid century sectional sofa

Pair of Danish style lounge chairs.

Here's What's New

We spent most of this week upholstering this high back sofa that I recently found.  We were glad to get that gross floral fabric off of it.  We found some of the original fabric while we were stripping the sofa.  It was very similar to the new fabric that we used.

Our second new offering is this model 74 recliner designed by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin.

Lastly we found a matching coffee table & side table set by Heggen of Norway.

The Good Stuff

This week we have finished some wonderful projects.  Recently I found a set of coffee & side tables by Grete Jalk for Poul Jeppesen.  We refinished them all and now they are paired with the Grete Jalk lounge chair that we currently have available at Hawthorne Vintage.
Our second project of the week was upholstering an American mid century sofa.  It was originally made in Portland in the 1960s by B.P. John.  It's super comfy!

Tables & Chairs

This week we finished a few projects and found a few more.  Our first project was a Norwegian rocking chair that had been painted blue and upholstered in floral fabric.  We refinished the wood frame and upholstered the chair in a modern grey fabric.  We also made an ottoman to match it.  It sold as soon as it was finished.

One of my finds this week was a rare lane clover coffee table.  I have never seen this model in person before.  It is in excellent condition!

These benches have been very popular for us this year.  We found and upholstered this on this weekend.

Lastly, I found some chairs that need a little cleaning up
 Danish lounge chair in the style of Ib Kofod-Larsen.

 Beech lounge chair in the style of Folke Ohlsson.

Pair of Zenith fiberglass side chair shells by Charles Eames for Herman Miller.