Portland Flea // July Recap

Yesterday was another successful Portland Flea! If you haven't made it out yet, it's a must! Before the crowds arrived, I quickly snapped these photos.

After vending at every Portland Flea for almost three years now, I think I can safely say that this was the most attended flea yet! There were tons of people mulling about all day long.  Here's a pic from Portland Flea's instagram.

If you're bummed you missed out, come to Sunday Emporium this Sunday from 11-5pm at Rejuvenation. It will be a different vibe and vendors, but still lots of treasures to be found.

For Your Consideration: Modern Teak Wastebasket by Einar Barnes for P.S. Heggen

This past week I found one of my favorite pieces of modern design.  A teak wastebasket designed by Einar Barnes for P.S. Heggen.  I love the sculptural beauty of this piece and this one is in excellent condition.  I wish I could keep it but selling it is the financially responsible thing to do.  It is now up for auction on eBay.
Happy bidding!  Click here for eBay listing.

A Few More Things

This week we worked on some projects and did a little shopping.  The result is a few new offerings.  Pricing can be seen on our Hawthorne Vintage page.  

Danish dining set: Table & 6 chairs.  Chairs are sold
Pair of vintage table lamps.

Starburst clock by Welby.

Eames aluminim group management chair.

Projects Galore

Over the summer months, project pieces are easy to come by! Here's a few of our latest furniture acquisitions that are waiting in the wings. Please contact us if you're interested in custom upholstery and refinishing.

*Disclaimer* Some pieces are just more fun with a little bit of our dog, Millie!*

Amazingly we got another Adrian Pearsall Chaise Rocker

Teak Draw Leaf Table

 Plycraft Lounge Chair and Ottoman

 Kroehler Lounge Chair 

Two of Six Teak Danish Dining Chairs (2 with arms & 4 without)

 Carter Bros. Scoop Chair

Selig Orange Plaid Arm Chair

4th of July Weekend Round Up

This weekend we bought a ridiculous amount of furniture.  It's all stacked up so deep that we have not yet had a chance to photograph it.  We also managed to finish a couple projects today.

A local shop, Boy's Fort, commissioned a pair of Eames style lounge chairs in this interesting Pendleton wool pattern.

 A couple weeks ago I found this Domino Mobler loveseat.  The bland beige fabric needed some serious updating.  We chose a modern grey fabric that compliments the teak frame.  It is now available at Hawthorne Vintage.

Eames Style Lounge Chair & Ottoman: Black on Black

Recently I learned about a very rare version of the Eames lounge chair by Herman Miller.  It was a 60th anniversary edition that was only sold in Japan and only 100 were made.  These chairs had black leather upholstery with black bentwood shells.  I have been wanting to create a replica version of this chair.  We just finished it and now it is available for $995.

Here is an example of the rare 60th Anniversary Eames chair and ottoman.  Photo credit

Sunday Emporium // June Recap

Today was the inaugural Sunday Emporium at Rejuvenation. We were really excited that we were invited to be a part of this new market. Here's a peek into our day!

Our booth was in this beautiful space. All of the vendors were spread throughout Rejuvenation. It worked out really well to have all the amazing vendors stuff next to Rejuvenations beautiful displays.

The turnout of people was fantastic! 

 I loved these planters so much, we walked away with this walnut and orange succulent planter set.

Here's an example of Rejuvenation's mid-century modern furniture and lighting. 

We sold quite a bit of furniture and made many good connections. We look forward to the next Sunday Emporium on July 27th, 11am - 5pm.

Summer Shopping Spree

One of my favorite things about the summer in Portland is all of the neighborhood sales.  Some neighborhoods have over 100 garage sales. I went to one such sale this weekend and found some great stuff.
 Although I have dabbled with small pieces of taxidermy but this is the first deer mount I have had.  I love the majestic look in its eye.

 These 4 stools have an interesting story behind them.  They were originally designed by Norm Cherner for Plycraft in the 1960s.  Norm's sons Benjamin and Thomas recently started a company and revived productions of their father's designs.  *SOLD*
 Frtiz Hansen style Danish teak tray side table.  Now available on Etsy.

Our project this weekend was this wonderful Pearsall style gondola sofa. *SOLD*

Before & After // Gondola Sofa

Turning something gross and ugly into something beautiful is very worthwhile and fulfilling...once it's over. In the midst of it, the process can be extremely unglamorous! The "before" picture flatters this gondola sofa more than it should. What you can't see is the crazy amount of cat hair, dust, dirt, and literal grime.  
Usually we bring our projects into our home. Not this one! It went straight into the backyard, where Chris then stripped it of it's filth. Once it was at this stage it was allowed to come into our workroom. It's so much easier to work on when building onto the frame with all new upholstery materials.
Now to the finished piece, I changed the way it was upholstered to reflect more of the Adrian Pearsall style.
You might notice another huge difference...the wood! For some reason, it was painted before. We weren't sure if we might have to keep it that way when we bought it. But after Chris took the paint off, we discovered that the wood was solid walnut. A very pleasant surprise! He refinished the front piece and legs, they turned out beautiful.

I love the streamlined modern look that this sofa has now. It's now for sale at Hawthorne Vintage. *SOLD*