3 For 3

Here are 3 projects that we recently finished and 3 more that we are about to begin on.  We are now putting a new focus on custom upholstery.  Each of our project pieces are now available in a fabric of your choice.

Love seat by Paoli Chair Co.  This was a fun little project.  Here it is staged in our living room.

Here is a picture of the love seat as we found it.

Newly refinished Lane Acclaim coffee table // Sold

Pair of newly upholstered lounge chairs by Walter P. Baerman for Prestige Furniture

Projects: Each of these pieces are available for custom upholstery

American mid century lounge chair by Paoli Chair Co.

 Swedish upholstered lounge chair by Folke Ohlsson for Dux.

Set of 6 Broyhill Brasilia dining chairs

Road Trip

Recently I went on a one day 415 mile buying trip.  I had a very favorable day and found many wonderful mid century modern furnishings.

Very rare mid century modern globe by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates.  This is a piece that we have long sought to find.  It is now available on Etsy for $495

 Vintage oak framed sofa.

 Loveseat by Paoli Chair Co.  We should have this piece reupholstered and available in just a few days.

 Pair of mid century barrel chairs.  I am not sure who the maker is.  My best guess is B.P. John

Pair of lounge chairs by Walter P. Baermann for Prestige.  This is a very unique pair of chairs.  Each chair is made of a hollow fiberglass frame.  

Vintage custom built walnut slat bench.  This 8' long bench has now been fully restored // Sold

Now & Then

Our blog posts and update have been a little far and few between this month.  We will try to post a little more regularly in February.  Nevertheless we have put out quite a few nice pieces.  Here are a few of our latest offerings.

 Newly upholstered mid century American lounge chair and ottoman.  It has been a while since we have found a lounge chair with a matching ottoman.

Before & After: This love seat was a fun project.  We removed the original upholstered armrests and added solid walnut armrests.

 Modern Drexel lounge chair upholstered in a brilliant yellow fabric.

Freshly refinished Danish solid teak dining table.

 Scandinavian beech & teak bar cart with a few items from our personal collection.

A very rare find was this flawless 1950s floor lamp by Gerald Thurston for Lightolier.

Last but not least, an American walnut highboy dresser by Dixie. 

Hello 2018

 It's been nearly a month since our last regular post.  Since then we have finished several projects and found a few more.

Our final upholstery project of the year was this gondola sofa.  They are getting harder and harder to find so we are thankful each time we find one.

We reupholstered this B.P. John lounge chair in a brilliant yellow fabric.  It sold quickly so we are currently upholstering a Drexel lounge chair in the same fabric.

 I ended the year of 2017 by going on a 500 mile road trip.  The surprise find of the trip was this Danish lounge chair by Ib Kofod Larsen.  I have begun refinishing it but it is proving to be challenging because there is a bit of water damage but it should be done soon.

 Another thing I found on my road trip was this autumnal sculpture by Curtis Jere.

The crown jewel of the road trip was this 48 bottle wine rack by Arthur Umanoff.  They can be very hard to find.  I have only seen two others in person in the last 5 years.  It sold quickly.

We refinished this Lane acclaim coffee table and accentuated the oak and walnut tones in the wood.  It has been sold as well.

This Lane bench is the first time we have tried deep diamond tufting.  We learned quite a bit through the experience.  We are now more confident to take on a similar project in the future.

We continued our blue velvet theme with this British settee.  We rarely find highback sofas so it was wonderful to find this one and bring it back to life.

We are now in the second stage of baby-proofing our home.  This bar cart has been in our home for a couple years but we have now decided to move it along.

 Lastly, we found this incredible 9 piece sectional sofa by Milo Baughman for Thayer Coggin.  Each piece has nearly identical dimensions allowing for many possible configurations.

2017: A Retrospective

2017 was a wonderful wear for us.  We found and sold many incredible pieces of modern design and we welcomed Ellie Joy into our family!  Here is a look back at our favorite pieces from the year that was. 

  Adrian Pearsall is one of our favorite designers.  We are always on the lookout for his designs.  We were fortunate to find this recliner that he designed

 One of the rarer pieces we found was this oak & teak lounge chair by Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen.

Swedish walnut credenza by Folke Ohlsson for Dux.

  We found several Milo Baughman recliners this year.  The restoration on this chair went especially well.

   A big find in April was this set of 20 Thonet bentwood dining chairs.  They were tedious to refinish but we restored them all and they sold quickly.

Here is a set of 4 that we matched to a teak & formica dining table.

   2017 was another year of finding several gondola sofas.  We were equally fortunate to find teal fabric to upholster this one in.

One of my favorite photos from 2017 is this enormous teak dining table with 10 dining chairs.

Our most profitable find of 2017 was this set of Percival Lafer sofas.  The pair sold for $5000!

   One of our greatest improvements this year was in the area of wood refinishing.  I learned a few new tricks and techniques from a custom cabinet maker.  This G Plan Fresco credenza is one of my favorite examples of our refinishing.

   Our biggest one day haul this year was these 20 chairs that I found at an antique market.

The walnut armed sofa and Pendleton bench pictured were crowd pleasers that sold quickly.

My favorite desk that we found this year was this rare rosewood secretary desk by Borge Mogensen for Soborg Mobler.

This classic design, Carter Bros scoop chair, is one that I have long wanted but upholster in Pendleton wool.  I like how the design gives the cushion a floating effect.

One of the most iconic mid century modern designs of all time, womb chair by Eero Saarinen.

    We can never seem to find enough credenzas to meet demand.  This one by Jydnsk Mobelfabrik sold before I could get a better picture. 

Danish teak frame sofa by Hans Olsen.

    We have had many other Milo Baughman recliners but this is the only chrome one that we have found.  A rare design from 1974.

We were amazed to find a set of 20 Eames tablet desk chairs.  Most have been sold.

    We love all of our gondola sofas.  Here is another one that we found and reupholstered.

This Danish teak sliding top desk by Lovig is the only Lovig desk we have ever had.  

Our final upholstery project of the year was this gondola sofa.

Lastly, a walnut Drexel Declaration hutch by Kipp Stewart.