Projects: Metal & Wood

For over a year I have been wanting to build a table with a walnut slab and Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group base.  I bought a slab of Oregon black walnut from a guy who had cut down the tree in his backyard. I then took it to Creative Woodworking NW where they planed it down to 2.5'' thick.  Next I squared it up on a table saw.  Then I began working on the slab surfaces sanding, oiling, and sealing.  About a week later it was finished and ready to be mounted to the Aluminum Group base.  It is now available at Hawthorne Vintage.  

This weekend I picked up a Danish teak credenza by Domino Mobler.  I cut off the base and added hairpin legs to give is a modern floating look.  It is also now available at Hawthorne Vintage.

Easter Weekend Projects

Due to the Easter holiday weekend there were not as many sales to shop as there were last weekend.  Instead of shopping we completed a few of the projects we have acquired lately
 We found this pair of John Hauser hoop chairs just in time for spring.  We recovered them in any eye-catching durable vinyl.

Last weekend we bought this Folke Ohlson lounge chair.  The cushions on it needed some improvement so we made grey cushions that compliment the walnut finish on the chair frame.

Last but not least I recently found this Eames aluminum group desk chair.  The upholstery was in pretty bad condition.  I stripped it and cleaned the chair.  It is now available on eBay

Mega Pick!

Our one upholstery project this weekend was upholstering this Eames style lounge chair & ottoman

Low profile mid century sofa with wool upholstery and solid walnut armrests

 Set of Danish teak and beech wood nesting tables

 Danish teak ottoman.

 Set of rosewood nesting tables by Drylund of Denmark. SOLD

Modern walnut side table. SOLD

(left) Westnofa rocking chair. SOLD (center) Lounge chair by Folke Ohlsson for Dux. (right) American swivel rocker.

Danish teak 9 drawer lowboy dresser.

Upholstered: Eames Style Lounge Chair in Pendleton Wool

Last weekend I picked up a pair of Eames style lounge chairs.  Each had significant wear to the upholstery and the chair bases were very wobbly.  A friend of mine repaired both of the bases, I stripped the chairs, and Heather upholstered one of them.  The result was this beautiful chair. It has been sold.

Under Construction: Eames Style Pendleton Chairs

This weekend I found a pair of Eames style lounge chairs.  We have Pendleton wool in stock and we are about to get started upholstering them.  Our last two chairs sold very quickly.  Please contact us at if interested. Update: The chair pictured on the right has been sold

Danish Dining Set

One of the items I found this weekend was a Danish dining set.  The table was very wobbly and the chairs had been poorly recovered in black microfiber.  We have worked on them a little each day and now the set is finally done.  The dining table is a little more contemporary than what I usually get and it has seen some wear and tear but is priced accordingly at just $175.  The chairs are all very solid and have been greatly improved with new upholstery.  They are currently being rented for staging.

It Pays To Buy

After several weekends of focusing on upholstery projects I went out this weekend and did some serious shopping.  Even better than that quite a few pieces sold.  Here is a recap of our week.  Several of the items I purchased this weekend are not pictured but will be written about once they become available.
We have had quite a few Eames pieces over the last few years but this is the first time we have had a complete dining set.  The chairs are in fair-good condition but the set is priced accordingly ad just $495.

 My favorite find of the weekend is this Danish rosewood chest of drawers.  Rosewood pieces are nearly impossible to find out in the wild.  The wood grain on this piece is amazing.  SOLD

 We found some smaller pieces this weekend too.  This is one of the rarer Curtis Jere sculptures I have found.  It even still has the original signature.  For sale $165

Last but not least I am always a sucker for Dorothy Thorpe glass and port.  So this set of 6 Dorothy Thorpe glasses was a no-brainer.  For sale $32.

Here is what sold this week!
 Both of our reupholstered Eames style lounge chairs sold this week.  We currently have two more that will be available soon.  Please inquire if interested.

 Grete Jalk side table and lounge chair & ottoman both sold this weekend.

 Pair of Adrian Pearsall swivels chairs sold this morning.

Reupholstered Danish rosewood dining chairs.  1 sold, 1 is still available.

We custom upholstered this Yngve Ekstom rocking chair for a customer this week.  She picked it up before I could even get  a good picture of it.

Weekend Roundup

This weekend good stuff was really hard to find but we stayed busy working on projects.  One of the projects we finished was upholstering this Eames style lounge chair and ottoman.  When we found it the wood shells were in pretty rough condition.  I sanded and restained them and now they look great.  This chair is has been sold.

This week I also found a wonderful pair of swivel chairs (left) SOLD

 The project we are currently working on is this rocking chair designed by Ynge Ekstrom for Lamino. SOLD

One thing that I did find this weekend was vintage coffee table.  I removed the original legs and replaced them with hairpin legs.  SOLD

 This week I received an order of 100 14'' hairpin legs.  They are now available at Hawthorne Vintage and on Etsy.
 Last but not least we found this great Seth Thomas starbust clock.  I put a new movement in it. SOLD

Before & After: Eames Style Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Our most recent project has been reupholstering this Eames style lounge chair and ottoman.  This set is by the Charlton Chair Co. and is one of the most exact replicas of the Herman Miller 670 lounge chair ever produced.  We found a Pendleton wool pattern that our client liked and then we got to work.  This is the first time that we have used piping on one of these projects.  We used a mustard wool that matched one of the colors in the pattern.  SOLD