Sweet Summer

Summer is always the most exciting time of the year to go hunting for furniture.  The weather is nice and there are more estate sales and garage sales than any other time of the year.  The season started off strong for us as I filled the van on just one outing.  Here is some of what I got.

I found each of these pieces within a couple miles of each other.  The pair of chairs and the Adrian Pearsall coffee table sold the very next day!

The one piece that is still available is this etched copper side table by Seattle designer Harry Lunstead.  It's always fun to find pieces by Pacific Northwest designers.

Speaking of Seattle, I also found this complete set of Seattle World's Fair glasses in excellent condition.  

I also found a set of 4 Thonet modern stacking chairs.  Thonet is one of the world's oldest existing furniture makers having been founded in the early 1800s.

These chairs had some light wear but are now being refinished and should be available soon.

Folding chairs are always popular in the summer.  This set is especially well constructed and is upholstered with an eye-catching vintage fabric. 

Lastly, I refinished a couple coffee tables that I found on my previous buying trip.
Danish teak two tier coffee table // Sold

Solid walnut coffee table "Prelude" coffee table by Ace-Hi

Lesson Learned

Over the past 7 years we have upholstered and refinished hundreds of pieces of furniture but we had never attempted to replace a Danish paper cord seat.  I had heard from a few other dealers that it is difficult and time consuming.  A few weeks ago I bought a really nice Danish oak & teak dining table by Arne Hovmand Olsen and it came with a set of 6 chairs that needed new corded seats. I took this opportunity to try to learn the skill for myself.  

Here is a picture of the first chair that I completed.  I was satisfied with the result but it took me much longer to complete than I had hoped.    

 Another thing I learned while weaving the first chair is the importance of protecting my fingers.  They were very raw after the first chair.  Wrapping my fingers with medical tape provided good protection while still allowing my fingers to fit into tight spaces.

After a full week of work I finished all 6 chairs.  Due to the attention to detail that is required I never managed to finish any of the chairs in under 6 hours.  My conclusion is that weaving these chairs myself is cost prohibitive unless they are very valuable chairs by Hans Wegner or Niels Moller.

Here the chairs are pictured with the Arne Hovmand Olsen table I purchased them with.

I went on a long buying trip this week and found a whole van load of furniture.  Fortunately this set of four Nils Jonsson dining chairs just needed a light cleaning.  They are a perfect match for our Ib Kofod Larsen dining table!

Another great find was this set of Louis Ghost chairs by Philippe Starck for Kartell // Sold

Lastly, I found and refinished a pair of Lane Acclaim nightstands!

Spring Time Finds

The two weeks since our last post have been a whirlwind of activity.  In addition to caring for our new baby daughter, Lucy Rose, we found some incredible furniture.  Pricing on the pieces that are still available can be found on our For Sale page.

Rare Kroehler walnut bedroom set with Braszilian rosewood pulls and inlay.

Set of 6 newly upholstered "Eva" dining chairs by Niels Koefoed and a refinished Danish teak draw leaf dining table.

Rare teak butterfly leaf dining table by renowned designer Ib Kofod Larsen.

Danish teak nightstand by Svend Madsen.  It had a deep water ring from a planter that could not be fully removed by the refinishing process.  Despite the stain it sold quickly.

 Drexel "Passage" campaign style rolling bar cart with some fun decorative items // Sold

 Wine rack collection.  Three of the four wine racks were designed by Arthur Umanoff.

A New Addition

Hello, this is our first post since February.  We have been distracted from our usual routine due to the birth of our second daughter, Lucy Rose!  Here she is, just a few days old, pictured with her big sister Ellie.

Although the pregnancy and birth did slow us down a little we were still able to hunt down and find some great pieces.  Here are a few highlights from the past few months.

I am always very drawn to the bold and imaginative design of Norwegian furniture.  I found these two Westnofa lounge chairs and ottomans 300 miles apart.  Each one has the original leather cushions and they are in excellent condition // Sold

We are always on the hunt for Broyhill Brasilia furniture.  This dining set need a lot of work but it was all worth it in the end as it sold very quickly

Here is a picture of the dining table before refinishing.

This Drexel Declaration hutch was another fun project.  It needed refinishing, new pulls, new glass doors and new shelves.  Here is the final result of all of that work.  It sold quickly as well.

Curtis Jere sculptures are a nice way to decorate your walls in a mid century home.  This enormous sculpture is 60" wide and 48"tall!

Lastly we refinished and reupholstered yet another teak dining set.  It also has been sold.

 Thanks to everyone who bought these pieces!  It is a joy to be able to work for ourselves while being present in the lives of our growing children.

Frozen February

The month of February in Portland has been cold, wet, and frozen but that hasn't slowed us down.  We have acquired and finish several great projects.  Here are a few of our favorites from the past couple weeks.  

We are always on the hunt for Paoli lounge chairs.  They have a great design and are very comfortable.  One of them is a rocking chair and the other is a lounge chair.  We reupholstered them in a nice soft gray Pendleton wool // Sold

Secondly, we found our first rosewood dining table.  It was designed by Henning Kjaernulf for Vejle Mobelfabrik.  The refinishing went very well and the woodgrain looks amazing!

Recently our biggest seller has been dining sets.  Here is the set that we most recently refinished and reupholstered // Sold

Another fantastic find was this Danish teak credenza and hutch.  It did not need any refinishing but we cut the plinth base off and added hairpin legs to give it an even more modern look.  It sold within just a couple hours of being for sale!

 Lastly, We found a lounge chair that had a hilariously bad upholstery job.  We removed that upholstery to find the original upholstery beneath it.  The original upholstery had a neat retro look but it was very worn.  We replaced it with a nice modern orange fabric // Sold

Projects, Projects, Projects

We've been working hard on one project after another.  Here are before and after pictures of each piece.  

This was our favorite project of the lot.  We took a survey on Instagram to help decide which Pendleton wool jacquard we should use.  I think our followers made a great choice.  The solid walnut frame came out looking great too // Sold

This Danish teak table set was an amazing find.  Complete living room table sets usually sell quickly for us.  I was afraid that some of the discoloration on the coffee table might not come out fully but the refinishing went great.

When I found this dining table I was amazed by the woodgrain but dismayed by the condition.  The refinishing went pretty well but sadly there was a little wear that could not be fully restored // Sold

Lastly we reupholstered and refinished this Paoli loveseat and it sold right away!

So Much Teak!

We have gotten off to a great start in 2019!  On January 1st we picked up an amazing Danish dining room set including a 104" long dining table, 8 chairs, a tambour door credenza, and a solid teak bar cart.  We reupholstered the chairs and refinished all of the wood.  The dining set and credenza sold right away!

Another interesting piece that we picked up was this Danish rocking chair by Frank Reenskaug.  We made new cushions for it from Pendleton wool and installed new Pirelli webbing.

Lastly we found and refinished a very rare Norwegian teak and oak butterfly leaf dining table by Alfred Sand.  The table has a 30" long folding butterfly leaf that stores inside of the table and allows it to extend from 70"-100"