Reupholstered // Gray & Black Armchair

When we first found this chair, it was anything but masculine! Bright 70s floral print was all over this chair. The print grew on me at first, but I couldn't imagine others wanting this chair in their home. We decided to make this a much more masculine chair to emphasize the clean modern lines of this Koehler chair.

The process took many days as there were too many staples to count stuffed into this chair! Way more than what I consider normal in this size of chair. But after a few days of removing fabric and staples, it really started to take shape when it was time for the fabric. After sanding the wood and finding inconsistencies, we decided to paint it a clean flat black to further modernize the chair.

What do you think? Feel free to contact us if you'd like to take a closer look! 
It's on sale fro $350 - our email is remnantpdx at gmail dot com

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