Reupholstered // Dux Lounge Chair

We don't have a good picture "before" of this lounge chair, but we brought it to Portland Flea, just incase someone fell in love with the original fabric. It wasn't horrible, but definitely dated. Since it didn't sell, we took the opportunity to update this sleek looking chair. Because of the light blonde wood, I felt that it needed a lighter fabric to bring out the golden hue. I finally found this pretty light green chevron (if you look closely there is a chevron pattern) upholstery fabric. Also, I topstitched the seams for a sleek modern look, that I'm now addicted to. It helps the seams lie perfectly flat. Also, we cut brand new high-quality foam for this chair. 

Sold at, Vintage Design Collective, opening Monday, November 5th! 11am - 6pm, 7126 SE Milwaukie Ave. Portland, Or 97202

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