The Best of Times

Each year the summer is the time when we find and sell the most furniture.  The beginning of this summer has been no exception.  We have found some wonderful pieces and sold many was well.  Here are some highlights from the past couple weeks.

This Danish teak tambour credenza by Bernhard Pedersen & Son is my favorite credenzas that we have ever found.  It was tempting to keep it but selling it is the responsible thing to do // Sold

We also found a Danish walnut wall unit by Poul Cadovious.  When we found it there were twice as many pieces.  We sold half of it and now this portion is for sale at Hawthorne Vintage Modern.

 Solid walnut lounge chair by Dux.  The vintage upholstery on this chair is in amazing condition.  We decided to leave it "as is" but we refinished the wood frame and replaced the seat webbing.

Our most intensive refinishing project was this set of Danish teak nesting tables.

Here is a picture of the nesting tables as found.  

We also came across a large collection of dining chairs.  The Svegards dining chairs (pictured first) are already sold.  The other two teak sets are still available.

(Left to Right) Svegards afromosia chair.  Benny Linden teak chair.  Danish teak chair

Lastly, one of our biggest buys ever.  A set of 60 David Rowland 40/4 oak & steel stacking chairs.  The whole set sold immediately upon posting them on Instagram.

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