A Significant Find

As I have educated myself about the history of modern design over the last 4 years one of the pieces of lighting that has caught my attention is the Artichoke Lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen.  Poul Henningsen was the preeminent Danish lighting designer of the modernist era.  Many of his designs are still in production by Louis Poulsen.  Recently I was very fortunate to find one while out looking for modern furnishings.  Unfortunately the one I found is just the shade of the artichoke lamp.  It does not have the original light fixture but I was able to adapt my own lighting fixture without detracting too much from the original design

Photo Credit: Louis Poulsen


  1. That is a great find! And your lighting looks like it was always a part of it.
    Where is that concert Hall? What a beautiful space... and I bet the acoustics are amazing!

    1. Thanks! The concert hall pictured is in Columbus Georgia