Big News! Now Vending in San Francisco

At Remnant we are always looking for ways to better our inventory, expand our exposure, and increase our sales.  Over the past several months it has become clear that our high end designer pieces need exposure to a larger market.  After much investigation and study we have come to the conclusion that the right market for our goods is San Francisco.  We believe that it is important not only to have a presence in a great city but in a great store.  After looking at all the shops in San Francisco we came to the conclusion that STUFF was the best fit for us.  James and Will, owners of STUFF, share our vision and have been very accommodating with the logistics of having venders that are 680 miles away.  Our first load of furniture arrived at STUFF yesterday and is now currently available.  We plan to send down a fresh batch of premium inventory every two weeks.  If you live in the Bay Area you can visit STUFF at 150 Valencia, San Francisco, CA.
Update: As of 4/05/2014 we are no longer vending at STUFF.


  1. It's good see finally a destination has been selected to market these furniture's. I think it's important to find out what type of people and within which city possibility of product selling is high. San Francisco is a great city and good luck with the marketing these nice furniture's.

  2. Congratulations on your new spot. I know that choosing a new place is a big decision. We thought long and hard before moving to the Dallas Design District. Good luck!