Three Projects // Before & After

Lately our projects have been stacking up.  In the last couple days we finally got to work on three of them and now they have been completed.

A few weeks ago I found this Milo Baughman recliner.  It had been mistreated during the 1980s and needed to be restored to its original glory.  A customer contacted us before we even started on it and asked that we do a custom upholstery job for her.  She provided some orange velvet fabric.  It turned out beautifully.

 Although the original fabric was pretty cool we hadn't had any luck selling this set of Brasilia dining chairs.  Yesterday morning I went to Hawthorne Vintage to pick them up for reupholstery.  On my way home I found two more matching chairs.  SOLD

I started working on this Domino Mobler desk before I took any pictures of it.  The top was in pretty rough condition.  The first picture was taken while I was sanding the top.  I wasn't able to make it perfect but is is much improved from how I found it.  SOLD

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