Reupholstered: Eames Style Lounge Chair & Ottoman in Pendleton Wool

For some time Heather and I have been wanting to reupholster an Eames style lounge chair and ottoman.  A couple weeks ago I found a set that needed some serious repair.  The upholstery was worn and torn and the finish on the shell was bruised and faded.  Originally the plan was to reupholster it in black vinyl but ultimately we decided that what it really needed was Pendleton wool.  SOLD

Here is the set just as I found it.  I was so excited when I bought it that I did not realize that the base did not match the chair. This sent me on a near impossible journey to find the right base.

I stripped off all of the old upholstery and Heather got right to work on the upholstery

Surprisingly I was able to find a base that works really well with the chair!

 Here is the finished product!

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  1. Oh man, that is beautiful! Heathers upholstery skills are off the charts!