Epic Picking Trip

Every once in a while we go on a destination picking trip.  Yesterday we chose a direction and drove 230 miles, stopping everywhere we thought we could find a good deal.  The day started very slowly.  By the time we stopped for lunch we had not found a single thing but the day quickly turned around.  We found some amazing pieces at our next few stops and it turned out to be one of the best days of picking ever! 

The find of the day was this pair of Borge Mogensen dressers.  They are in excellent condition and are now for sale at Hawthorne Vintage.  SOLD

At the same stop we found this Poul Hundevad credenza and hutch top.  Also in excellent condition.  SOLD

No picking trip would be complete without finding a a project piece.  This Ib Kofod Larsen high back lounge chair is now at the top of our project list and should be available shortly.  SOLD

This walnut record cabinet can be transformed into several different arrangements.  
For sale at Hawthorne Vintage.  SOLD

 Vintage Steelcase office chair.  For sale at Hawthorne Vintage.  SOLD

Here is a quick pic of our current offerings at Hawthorne Vintage.

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  1. love the dressers! just goes to show, you never know where your next find is going to turn up. congrats!