Projects, Projects, Projects

We've been working hard on one project after another.  Here are before and after pictures of each piece.  

This was our favorite project of the lot.  We took a survey on Instagram to help decide which Pendleton wool jacquard we should use.  I think our followers made a great choice.  The solid walnut frame came out looking great too // Sold

This Danish teak table set was an amazing find.  Complete living room table sets usually sell quickly for us.  I was afraid that some of the discoloration on the coffee table might not come out fully but the refinishing went great.

When I found this dining table I was amazed by the woodgrain but dismayed by the condition.  The refinishing went pretty well but sadly there was a little wear that could not be fully restored // Sold

Lastly we reupholstered and refinished this Paoli loveseat and it sold right away!

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