Time Flies ...

Time has flown by for us this fall and it has been two months since our last post.  We have completed  two cool projects this week.  The first is a gondola sofa that we upholstered in a deep blue modern fabric.  It can be difficult to predict what upholstery people will be attracted to but I think that this is one that someone should like right away.                                                         

Secondly we found and refinished this very rare maple and iron nesting table set designed by Paul McCobb for the "Planner Group" line by Winchedon.

I have had this chair in storage for over a year.  Maple can be difficult to refinish without leaving sanding marks.  I had refinished it once before but was not happy with the results.  I sanded it a second time and used a lighter stain and it came out looking really good.  We made new cushions for it using Pendleton wool.

This oak lounge chair appears to be handmade.  It is made of 100% solid oak rather than having webbing or springs in the seat.

In October we redesigned our living room to make it a little more kid friendly.  We replaced most of our living room furniture with and eight piece sectional.  Two pieces from our home that we sold were this Adrian Pearsall gondola sofa and Jens Quistgaard teak tray table.

Lastly here are a couple other chairs that we recently upholstered and sold.

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