Lately we have been putting more of a focus on wood refinishing.  The more I do the more confident I get in taking on difficult projects.  Recently the result of each project has exceeded our expectations.  Here are three wood restoration projects that we have completed over the last two weeks.

When I found this desk I feared that is was damaged beyond repair.  I was afraid that the cup rings and scratches had gone completely through the teak veneer.  There were also several veneer chips and the center drawer was broken into five pieces.  The restoration went even better than I had hoped.  I was able to remove all of the discoloration,remove nearly all of the scratches, and blend in the chips!

 This giant Danish dining table had some light surface damage but I thought it would be worth it to refinish it and get it looking as perfect as possible.  The process went well and it sold quickly.

Lastly, we refinished this Dux side table.  The finish on the table had become very cloudy and it was difficult to see the woodgrain.  Once the table was refinished the woodgrain was clear and vibrant again.  It has been sold

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