Full Steam Ahead

Once again kept moving at full capacity and knocked out several new projects.  Here is what we put into the shop over the last week.

 We are always on the hunt for a nice wall unit.  We were fortunate to have found this one.  It was a challenge to hang it by myself but I have put up a few of them and learned a few tricks along the way // Sold

Our biggest challenge of the week was this Arthur Umanoff tandem sofa.  It needed extensive repairs & refinishing but we were very pleased with the final result.

 Pair of walnut frame slipper chairs by Folke Ohlsson for Dux, refinished and reupholstered // Sold

We refinished and reupholstered this set of Norwegian dining chairs by Sorheim Bruk.  These chairs have a truly unique design and required a difficult upholstery technique.

 Lastly, we found a nice round teak dining table to pair with our chairs // Sold

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