One of Each

Since our last post we have acquired a diverse bit of inventory.  Typically we focus primarily on seating but recently we have focused on a wider spectrum of furnishings.

We were amazed to find this Brazilian rosewood desk.  This is only the second rosewood desk that we have ever had.  The wood grain is incredible.  Brazilian rosewood was declared endangered in the early 1970s.  It can now only be found on vintage pieces of furniture // Sold.

Most modern sofas have a very low back.  Every once in a while we find a nice sofa with a higher back that still retains a modern aesthetic.  We upholstered this one in a very soft fabric, making this sofa even more comfortable // Sold

This rocking chair by the Paoli Chair Co is one of our favorite designs.  We have a pair of them in our own living room.  We upholstered this one to match the 108'' long sofa that we finished last week. 
// Sold

This stool was one of the earlier designs from the modern design era.  It was designed by Alvar Aalto in 1933.  We are not sure of the exact date that this one was produced but it appears to be pretty old.
// Sold

We don't seem to find many dressers, so we were glad to find this one.  It was made by Baumritter and is 100% solid maple (even the drawer boxes) // Sold

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