These 3 Chairs

 This week we had 3 fun projects to work on.  They are now all available at Hawthorne Vintage Modern. 
The first was an Eames style lounge chair and ottoman.  The wood and upholstery need a lot of work but the base for each piece was nice and stable.  The refinishing process went very well and we chose to upholster it in a popular Pendleton wool pattern.

 Secondly, I was very lucky to have found this rare Danish chair.  It was designed by Tove & Edvard Kindt-Larsen for France & Daverkosen.  One of the nice design elements it has is teak armrests inset in the oak frame.

Her is a picture of the frame as I found it.

Lastly, we upholstered this American lounge chair and ottoman.  I had to wait in an ice storm for two hours to get this chair but it was worth the wait // Sold

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