Danish Teak Wall Bar

Last summer I found a Danish teak wall bar by Poul Heltborg for Dyrlund.  It's a rare and amazing piece but it was in horrible condition.  It had been in damp storage for 20 years and was full of spiders. I avoided working on it for several months because I was afraid that it was damaged beyond repair.  I finally ran out of other projects and decided that I should try to work on it.  I had to use wood bleach to get all of the discoloration out of the wood.  I was not sure if it would work or further damage the wood.  The wood bleach worked very well.  All of the other damage was repairable as well.  I am very happy with how it turned out and excited to share it with the world. // Sold

I didn't take many photos of the original condition but here is a before and after picture of the wood bleaching process on one of the ends.

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