This Week's Work

One of my most challenging projects this week was assembling this wall unit.  When I found the cabinets they did not have any rails.  I had to find rail that fit the cabinets and then modify them.  It worked out pretty well and I am happy with the end result // All pieces have been sold.

Secondly I found this wonderful Kofod Larsen reclining lounge chair and ottoman.  We refinished the frame, replaced the webbing and made new cushions for it.

Lastly I found this great teak dining set.  Fortunately It didn't need much work!
Stay posted as we have some exciting projects coming out this week!


  1. My husband is repairing a pair of mid-century chairs for a friend... they had the rubber coated spring loops in the seat, but these have all died a sad death and now we wonder what to do instead. Your work is so well done and so true to the look (I'd have never known those rails weren't original)... have you run across this problem before and how did you solve it?

    1. Kathleen, Thanks for your comment. The rubber coated springs are no longer in production. I replace them with webbing that is stapled into place with a pneumatic stapler. Here is a link to the type of webbing that I use: