Before & After // Gondola Sofa

Turning something gross and ugly into something beautiful is very worthwhile and fulfilling...once it's over. In the midst of it, the process can be extremely unglamorous! The "before" picture flatters this gondola sofa more than it should. What you can't see is the crazy amount of cat hair, dust, dirt, and literal grime.  
Usually we bring our projects into our home. Not this one! It went straight into the backyard, where Chris then stripped it of it's filth. Once it was at this stage it was allowed to come into our workroom. It's so much easier to work on when building onto the frame with all new upholstery materials.
Now to the finished piece, I changed the way it was upholstered to reflect more of the Adrian Pearsall style.
You might notice another huge difference...the wood! For some reason, it was painted before. We weren't sure if we might have to keep it that way when we bought it. But after Chris took the paint off, we discovered that the wood was solid walnut. A very pleasant surprise! He refinished the front piece and legs, they turned out beautiful.

I love the streamlined modern look that this sofa has now. It's now for sale at Hawthorne Vintage. *SOLD*


  1. This turned out beautiful!!! I love the choice of upholstery and the refinished wood. Amazing work.

  2. What a transformation! The piece before was beyond ugly, especially with the avocado green fabric. Wonderful work, absolutely stunning, bravo!