Mid Century Mondays // 29

This was a jam-packed weekend with lots of sales to attend, projects to complete, and the monthly flea market that we vend at. My first and favorite score of the weekend was this Seth Thomas starburst clock. I first saw it about a year ago at a local shop but it was NFS. Well they finally put it up for sale and I was glad to snatch it up. I have a new quartz movement for it coming in the mail today.  //Update//  Sold on Etsy and sent to Australia.

 We also got 3 Cathrineholm pieces for our collection.  The stripe bowl and plate were won on eBay and the little 4'' bowl was given to us by our friend @jaspervintage.

 I have not been buying a lot of industrial lately but this 72 bin storage unit was amazing.  It sold quickly at Portland Flea.

 My most shocking find of the weekend is side table by Peter Hvidt for France & Son.  Surprisingly it was at a motorcycle swap meet.  SOLD.

 I also got this project coffee table at the swap meet.  I tried giving it a quick light refinishing.
 Here is the table after I sanded it.
Here is the finished product at Portland Flea.  I was not able to get all the flaws out so I priced it at just $50.  It sold in the first 5 minutes.

Here is our booth at Portland Flea.  I found this Westnofa chair and ottoman this week.  It is extremely comfortable.  Now at Hawthorne Vintage For $225.


  1. I love it all! The industrial cabinet, the Cathrineholm, the insanely cool clock! Glad you guys had a killer weekend.

  2. You always find and refinish the best pieces. Thanks for hosting.

  3. Love the ch, and the Hvidt. Great finds all around.