Mid Century Mondays // 09

This weekend was the weekend of Portland Antique Expo.  With nearly 1000 venders, this event boasts to be the "largest indoor antique fair in America".  Prices are traditionally high at Expo but with a lot of work and a little bit of luck, good deals can be found.  This event always attracts dealers from all over the west coast and world who also hit all of the vintage shops.  This makes it a great weekend for selling as well as buying.

Every weekend we are on the hunt for Cathrineholm bowls.  Finally our efforts were rewarded.
It is now available on Etsy.

 This C. Jere style wall sculpture is different has a different look than any I have ever seen.  It is now available at VDC and on Etsy.

 Model 332 wall lamp by Erik Hansen for Le Klint.  Now available on Etsy

The most unusual find of the weekend was this bull horn wall lamp.  It is now available at Hawthorne Vintage. SOLD.

 This great retro lounge chair sold at Hawthorne Vintage shortly after bringing it in.

 This mid century love seat was the one project piece that we picked up this weekend.  SOLD

 Brilliant Native American Rug.  Now available at Hawthorne Vintage for $135.

 It seems like these large wire baskets are always at antique stores but never for sale.  I was glad to be able to buy this one.  Now available at the VDC.

Tony Paul side table.  SOLD.


  1. Wow, mid-century gorgeousness!

    Love the love chair and the bowl. But erm, not sure about the horn lamp! It's certainly unusual! x

  2. That horn lamp is amazing! Perfect for a man cave, I suspect!

  3. Cathrineholm love for you too! great finds! I am always on the lookout for accordion lamps, I am tempted by the one you found. Thank you for hosting.

  4. Love the ch bowl, the accordion lamp and that metal basket. Not surprised the chair sold quickly. Thanks for the link up.

  5. i'm seeing jere pieces all over the place today, including my basement! great finds by the way!