Reupholstered // Kroehler Sectional

For the past couple weeks we have worked long and hard on our most amibitious project yet, a mid century sectional by Kroehler.  The process was long and tedious but the result was wonderful!  We placed it at the Vintage Design Collective this morning and it is now available to the public.  Keep an eye out for an upcoming post chronicling the reupholstery process.
Available at the VDC, 7126 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland OR, for $1800.
Each side is 44'' wide x 31'' deep x 30'' tall.  The center piece is 52'' wide x  31'' deep x 30'' tall.


  1. Wow that is just gorgeous! You two do amazing work. Looking forward to seeing how you did it!

  2. We had one growing up but more tufted
    buttons, looked along time for this style, don't like the sectionals put out now a days, wish I could afford this one, Its nice!!!