52 Weeks of Mid Century Designers A to Z

Over the past year, Chris and I have realized that knowledge of Mid-Century designers is an integral part of running a successful mid-century furniture business. During this time, we've amassed quite a collection of books about Mid-Century designers and furniture manufacturers in addition to constant research online. While evaluating goals for 2013 for Remnant, we really want to develop this blog and provide good Mid-Century design content. This led to the decision to start a new column: Mid Century Designers from A to Z. It's really a challenge to ourselves learn even more about the Mid Century era! 
So throughout 2013, expect a new post every week featuring a Mid Century Designer, a little bio on them and collages of their most famous work. We hope that this will help you learn more about the familiar designers and perhaps some you haven't heard of before. 

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Image Credit: Playboy July 1961, Designs for Living (an interesting read!)

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