Repurposed // Industrial Drillpress Wall Lamps

When I go out picking the first thing I look for is mid century furniture but it's not always easy to find.      When there is no furniture to be found I look for interesting looking items that can be used in creative ways.  Recently I found this pair of drill presses. When I saw them I knew that they would make great wall lamps.  Fortunately I was able to find all pieces that I needed to complete the project. They are now for sale at Hawthorne Vintage (4722 SE Hawthorne Blvd) for $495 each & on Etsy.

All of the gears on each drill still works making them interactive pieces of art.
The lamps can also be flipped up so that the light bulb is pointed up  


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  1. Nice work! I am a passionate repurposer and bought one of these at an amish consignment sale for $10 I think I was the only one who thought I got a deal lol! I love the idea of making it a light, I shop scrap yards all the time and am constantly buying pieces to make lights from. Keep up the great work